Father of the bride videos

Every dad wants to get it right on his little girl's big day, so why not take inspiration from these blokes who've been there, done it, and got tears of laughter on the t-shirt. See how the audience reacted to some finely crafted speeches in action.


22 February 2017

Some people use their glasses as a prop to hide behind, but not this short-sighted Father of the Bride. He uses his well-known reluctance to don his reading specs as the springboard for a masterful piece of prop comedy. His giant cue cards are meant to be reminders for his speech, but as he turns the first one over, the playful truth is revealed to the crowd. His words are full of thanks and praise for the assembled guests. His sign, by stark contrast, reads simply: Thank the freeloaders. I guess we know who picked up the bill for the day, then.


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