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Father of the bride speech rules

Officially, the bride's father (or a close relative or family friend) makes the first speech and proposes a toast to the bride and groom. The bride's father is expected to deliver an optimistic, sentimental and entertaining speech. As you prepare your wedding speech, keep in mind the following:
Speech Bullet You should plan your speech to last between seven and ten minutes. That equates to around one thousand words. Don't feel you have to recount every year of the bride's life.
Speech Bullet Make it clear you are also speaking on behalf of the bride's mother.
Speech Bullet Avoid in-jokes and make sure you explain references to people and places some of the audience may not be familiar with.
Speech Bullet Add humour whenever appropriate and convey positive feelings of pride and affection whenever possible.
Speech Bullet Memorize the first paragraph of your speech. It's perfectly acceptable to read the rest from a script, this may give you confidence and ensure that nothing is left out.
Speech Bullet Remember to pause in your speech to emphasise a point, or to make room for a reaction to a joke or story.
Speech Bullet Speak clearly, slowly and adjust your voice so that the person sitting at the back of the room can hear you.
See our father of the bride speech templates and father of the bride example speeches for ideas on how to organise your father of the bride speech.
Classic Lines
"It's not uncommon for the father of the bride to be rather daunted by the duties he has to perform on his daughter's wedding day. But you know, I've felt pretty relaxed. Why? Because my wife's so organised I knew she'd sort everything: arrange for a car to take us to the church - which she did; collect my suit from the hire shop - which she did; and of course, my speech. So come on, Dear - can I have it now, please?"
Example Speeches
Our Father of the Bride material includes over 80 complete sample father of the bride speeches covering every imaginable bride, happy couple and wedding occasion. Any of them can be easily adapted to particular circumstances or delivered as they stand.
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Our Father of the Bride Speech material boasts more than 2,000 individual entries, organized into 250 father of the bride speech topics, so you can easily find self-contained lines and apt sentences relevant to your specific occasion.
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