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1 Itís not uncommon for the father of the bride to be rather daunted by the duties he has to perform on his daughterís wedding day. But Iíve felt pretty relaxed, because my wifeís so organised I thought she'll sort everything Ė arrange for a car to take us to the church, which she did, collect my suit from the hire shop, which she did, and of course, my speech. So come on, Luv Ė can I have it now, please?
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2 Linda has been a wonderful daughter to Carol and myself and at this point of our parting with her into anotherís keeping we thank her for all the twenty-three unbroken years of joy that she has given us. I know sheís twenty-five, but we donít count the first two years because there was nothing joyful about changing her nappies.
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3 During my research - and yes, believe it or not, this was researched - I looked into the three key elements of a wedding day: first, the aisle, the longest walk you'll ever take; second, the altar, the place where two become one; and third, the hymns, to celebrate the marriage. I hope for Paulís sake that this explains why my daughter was whispering 'aisle, altar, hymn; I'll, alter, him' throughout the service.
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4 This takes me back to the last occasion that I was called upon to say a few words at a wedding. It was twenty five years ago this December and it was my wedding to Lindaís Mum Carol. I recall being totally lost for any thing of any consequence to say. A feeling of total inadequacy descended upon me. It was a new experience to me. I was young and really knew nothing about being inadequate.
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5 Weddings are a marvellous excuse for a big party, and today is no exception. We have a lot of people here today Ė grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friendsÖ and a handful of people I recognize.
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6 Apparently, woman sub-consciously choose a husband with a character furthest from that of their fathers Ė and only moments earlier I heard my wife describing her new son in-law as generous, sincere and good humoured.
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7 My wife and I new right from the outset that these two were well suited. They look out for each other, cooperate well, compromise when necessary and donít ever seem to complain. And that is the sign of a winning team. Which might seem an unusual concept for Paul, him being an Everton fan.
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8 Today I am the proudest man in the whole world. Seeing your daughter looking so happy and radiant is a truly amazing experience, but it is tinged with a little sadness. For those who know me well, being generous does not come natural to me. It phased me a little in the ceremony when I had to give her away.
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9 May I say in conclusion that Carol and I are happy to welcome into our fold two nice people not yet mentioned, but without whom Paul wouldnít be here. No, I donít mean the best man and the taxi driver, but Paulís parents, already our valued friends.
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10 I have no doubt of Paulís qualities as a husband, but as a son-in-law weíll have to see. Will he pop round to see us every Sunday, or will I continue to have to mow the lawn and wash the car myself?
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