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"I asked Karen if she'd like me to put together a small book of photos charting the history of our relationship to mark our wedding celebration. She said, 'Nothing would make me happier.' So I did nothing instead! "


"While we were sat at the front of the church this morning my best man said, 'We need to talk about your weight.' I told him, 'Yeah, it's longer than it should be, about 20 minutes so far. But at least the pews are comfortable and I bet she'll look lovely when she gets here!'"


"Remembering all the people who said I was too lazy to get a wife is what gets me out of bed in the afternoon!"


"I met my bride to be at a Fancy Dress party. I was stood there looking gorgeous next to my fat mate. We'd gone together dressed as the number 10... She knew then, I was the one!"

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