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Groom Speech Explained

The groom is expected to make a heartfelt speech. The groom's first job is to echo the father of the bride's welcoming sentiments and pay tribute to both sets of parents, along with anyone else he deems relevant. Compliments towards the bride and bridesmaids are advised, a comedic pass at a family member is expected, and a sly dig at the appearance of the ushers never goes amiss. After the formalities are out of the way you'll probably want to share a story about how you and your new wife met.

Groom Speech Tips

  1. Talk like you're actually married with plenty of 'we' rather than 'I'.
  2. Thank everyone you're supposed to, i.e. the mother, bridesmaids, caterers, the bride's sperm donor father etc.
  3. If you only do two things, simply say how beautiful your bride is and communicate your gratitude to your in-laws.
  4. Stories must be broad enough for everyone to understand. Don't include material of the 'You had to be there' variety.
  5. Infuse your speech with wit. Wedding speech humour is best delivered dry, unexpected and with a straight face.
  6. Don't make fun of your bride or the mother-in-law, it's safer to make yourself the punchline.
  7. Personalise the speech by adding experiences and observations that are unique to you and your bride.
  8. Do not forget to acknowledge your parents with a few affectionate words.
  9. Keep the speech shorter than ten minutes. Too much detail weakens the impact. If it doesn't add to the story - take it out.
  10. Your last words before a toast should always demonstrate the love you have for your bride.

Building Blocks

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