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Your romance and relationship
explain how you met & your first impressions
describe how the romance developed
describe the effect you've had on each other
say why you think you are so well suited
provide an amusing insight into your relationship
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Your romance and relationship / describe the effect you've had on each other
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1 Since I started going out with Linda I have really started to go places. It was ‘to the bar’ when I first met her, ‘to get on my bike’ when I grew a moustache, ‘to the florists’ when I forgot valentines day, and, of course, when I proposed… to her parents house to get permission. And I’m delighted that they gave it!
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2 Linda, I thank you for turning up at the church today. You might wonder why I should be grateful to Linda for marrying me. It’s because she’s been such a good influence on me already, and I feel I’ve become a better person for knowing her and I’ll become an even better person for marrying her. If you think how good I am now, just think how brilliant I’ll be in a couple of years!
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