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Best Man
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comment on your friendship
express your regard for him
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Best Man / express your regard for him
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1 Everything vital in life that Iíve learned in the last six years, Iíve learned from my best man, Jason. So touched am I by the impression heís made on me that I think those lessons are too good to keep to ourselves, so today I thought Iíd share them with everyone here. Thanks Jason, I know that life is much more enjoyable if youíre prepared to deceive, cheat and lie to get what you want.
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2 In life, you can count your true friends on one hand - those people who will drop whatever they are doing to help you in your hour of need. All the others you think are friends are really just acquaintances. Well, I count myself lucky to have many such friends, but Jason is top of the pile, and he has proved it on numerous occasions.
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