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Offering thanks
to the bride's father for his kind remarks & toast
to the bride's father for giving his daughter away
to the parents for laying on the reception
to the guests for attending
to the guests for their generous gifts
to the motherís for their assistance
to the minister
to the ushers
to the bridesmaids
to anyone else who has helped
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Offering thanks / to the bride's father for his kind remarks & toast
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1 Iíd like to start by thanking Alan for his kind words. I hope that, as Lindaís husband, I can live up to the image he painted of me or, failing that, at least continue to keep pulling the wool over his eyes!
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2 Iíd like to thank Alan for his kind and generous words. Iím hoping to be at least halfway to Italy by the time he realises that heís now married to a mother-in-law, and that itís my fault.
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