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pay a tribute to your friends
say how happy you will be together
convey your thoughts on being married
comment about the nature of love and marriage
propose a toast to the bridesmaids
propose a toast to the parents
propose a toast to your wife
disco to follow?
hand over to best man
other final words
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Closing / propose a toast to the bridesmaids
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1 Lastly, we want to say a very, very big thank you to those terrific young ladies who really are the most beautiful in the room next to my bride my mother and of course my mother-in-law. The toast is to the bridesmaids!
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2 One of my official duties in this speech is to thank the bridesmaids, but I would have done so anyway. The girls have been a terrific help to Linda, not only today, but throughout the many weeks of intense preparation, and they have both carried out their duties splendidly. We have a gift for each of them, but in the meanwhile would you all please raise your glasses in a toast to the bridesmaids!
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