Propose a toast to your wife

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  1. Iíd like to thank my wife for everything she has taught me over the last few months. That wedding invitations must be sent in a specially designed envelope and that guests will be disappointed if my neck-tie doesnít match the bridesmaidís dress. Seriously, if Linda hadnít eaten, slept and drunk this wedding for the last year, we wouldnít all be having the fantastic time we are today. So, Iíd like to ask you all to join me in a toast to my wife. To Linda!

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  2. It has to be said, Linda has been rather more involved than I have in planning today, and Iíd like to congratulate her on a fine job. Of course, wedding organisation has never been an equal opportunities business anyway, but she did let me sign the occasional cheque Ė which was nice. Ladies and gentlemen, a toast to my wife. To Linda!

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