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We have long established contacts with the wedding trade (wedding planners, wedding venues, wedding photographers, etc.) and through this association we receive a continual supply of wedding speeches to look at. Any worthwhile material is added to the site and placed in the section that best describes it. This makes it possible to find lines and ideas on every part of the bridegroom speech.

Check if any of the comments below are relevant to you. If so, can help.
Speech Bullet You have a long list of thank-yous to get through, but at the same time you want your speech to be entertaining.
Speech Bullet You want to throw in some killer lines guaranteed to engage your audience from start to finish.
Speech Bullet You're not confident at making speeches and you want the right material to get the audience routing for you as quickly as possible.
Speech Bullet You have a rough idea about what you want to say but you aren't sure how to say it best.
See our groom speech content topics and example groom speeches for ideas on how to create your wedding speech.
Classic Lines
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I have been told that this is usually one of the only times in a married man's life when he can be in the company of his wife and mother in-law and not be interrupted I may be here sometime."
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Directory of wedding-themed one-liners, phrases, tributes and toasts covering all parts of the groom's speech.
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