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Human beings make mistakes, so when you deliver a wedding speech, there's a fair chance you might make one or two verbal slip-ups along the way. Most of them might go unnoticed, but sometimes a groomsman's gaffe or fatherly faux pas is so obvious the audience just has to giggle. There's no point collapsing into a crumpled heap of embarrassment, so you may as well just stand up and laugh at yourself along with everyone else. If anything, a mistake can often make the rest of the speech far easier, because as you'll see in these clips, even the briefest dose of genuine humanity can break a room's tension and cause the audience to instantly fall in love with you.

A very earnest best man

See a very serious best man liven up his wedding speech with some good old fashioned sexual innuendo.


The perfect wedding toast

Groom speech icebreaker worth remembering

A very earnest best man

A father of the bride's memories

Best man with a spade