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Weird and wonderful happenings that can easily be slipped into a topical wedding speech joke

March 2018


Topical humour suitable for weddings in February

February 2018


Topical wedding take on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

January 2018


Some jokes based on the happenings of 2017's final months

December 2017


Topical wedding speech humour inspired by the Harvey Weinstein scandal

November 2017


Some wedding speech ideas in light of the Ryanair flight cancelation debacle

October 2017

Wedding Speech Ideas: Contents of the Wedding Feast

Finding a link between the groom's nationality and the contents of the wedding feast

September 2017

Wedding Speech Ideas: Political Correctness

A politically correct wedding speech icebreaker

August 2017

Wedding Speech Ideas: Warm Weather

Wedding speech icebreaker for a blistering hot day

July 2017

Wedding Speech Ideas: General Election

Topical lines that can be weaved into a wedding speech

June 2017

Wedding Speech Ideas: United Airlines, Wedding gifts

A wedding speech icebreaker emerges from the United Airlines fiasco

May 2017

Wedding Speech Ideas: Lent, Threesomes

So, the best man organised a threesome for the groom on his stag night - what's the big deal?

April 2017

Memories Are Made of This

Wherever there is common ground, there is an opportunity to get the crowd on side

March 2017

Accidental Wedding Speech Stars

Mistakes can break a room's tension and can often make the rest of the speech far easier

March 2017

Musical Wedding Speeches

There are genuine reasons why a musical performance should NOT be put in place of a traditionally spoken wedding speech

March 2017

Wedding Speech Ideas: Oscars, Donald Trump

Some wedding speech thoughts after the Oscars debacle

March 2017

Wedding Speech Ideas: Valentines Day

Is anyone nervous about the first dance?

February 2017

Wedding Speech Ideas: New Year

Wedding speech appropriate material for an impulsive groom

January 2017

Wedding Speech Ideas: Christmas dinner

Wedding speech gags made from Christmas festivities and Trump's election victory

December 2016

Wedding Speech Ideas: Groupon, Galaxy Note 7

A cheap and easy laugh at wedding expenses

November 2016

Wedding Speech Ideas: Clocks going back

Meeting the happy couple for the first time and turning that experience into a wedding speech one-liner

October 2016

Wedding Speech Ideas: Bake Off, Beards

Wedding speech humour inspired by the beard trend

September 2016

Wedding Speech Ideas: Olympics, Pokémon

The summer's wedding-relevant content examined

August 2016

Wedding Speech Ideas: Brexit, Castles

A cheeky referendum reference for your speech

July 2016

Wedding Speech Ideas: Hillary Clinton, Father's Day

Inoffensive tennis related quips and barbs for a best man to hurl at the groom

June 2016

Wedding Speech Ideas: Videographer

May's interesting events turned into wedding speech material

May 2016

Wedding Speech Ideas: Easter, Wedding suits

A warning for married men to be wary of unexpected acts of kindness

April 2016

Wedding Speech Ideas: EU, Clocks going forward

The fresh hope of a spring wedding

March 2016

Wedding Speech Ideas: Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday - the one romantic date in February

February 2016

Wedding Speech Ideas: New Year's resolutions

January marriages offer plenty of scope for seasonal and topical speech content

January 2016

Wedding Speech Ideas: Cold weather

Turning freezing conditions into wedding speech icebreakers

December 2015