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Offering thanks to:
The guests for attending
The guests for their generous gifts
The parents for all their help
Your father for giving you away and his toast
The mothers for their assistance
The minister
The ushers
The best man
The bridesmaids
Your chief bridesmaid / maid of honour
Anyone else who has helped on the day
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Offering thanks to: / The mothers for their assistance
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1 Clearly, large family events like todayís donít just happen. They take a considerable amount of hard work and organisation and it would seem an appropriate point, therefore, for me to ask you all to join me in a toast to the two mothers, as without their constant hard work and diligence, today may not have happened. To Carol and Sally!
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2 At this point I would like to present a gift to both of our mumís. Tradition says we should give flowers, but Paul and I wanted to give you something more permanent. So we are getting you a tattoo each!
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