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Opening lines
humorous icebreaker
traditional opening
substituting groom's speech
nervous about making the speech
if you paid for the wedding

Offering thanks to:
the guests for attending
the guests for their generous gifts
the parents for all their wedding help
your father for giving you away and his toast
the mothers for their assistance
to the minister
to the ushers
the best man
the bridesmaids
your chief bridesmaid / maid of honour
to anyone else who has helped

Observations about the wedding
saying what a wonderful occasion it's been
announcing how happy you are
events leading up to the day
Paying tribute to your parents
thanking them for the happy upbringing
saying something affectionate about them
adding something special about your mum
adding something special about your dad

Expressing your gratitude to your in-laws
thanking them for their kindness and support
conveying your positive feelings towards them
expressing your luck in joining their family

Your romance & relationship
explaining how you met and first impressions
describing the effect you've had on each other
saying why you think you are so well suited
amusing insight into your relationship
did the groom ask your parents permission?

Paying tribute to your husband
saying how wonderful he is
saying how lucky you are
expressing your love for him
providing an amusing insight into him
Final words
saying how happy you will be together
commenting on any advice given to you
conveying your thoughts on being married
disco to follow?
closing lines

Proposing a toast to:
your guests, friends & family
the parents / organisers
your husband
your bridesmaids

Special circumstances
honouring a deceased relative
or absent friend

you've been together a long time
second marriage

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e.g. 'bridesmaids'
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Georgina Barnes, Maldon, UK

'What a relief to find your site! I used your example speeches as a guide and where appropriate incorporated my own thoughts into them. There were so many great toasting ideas that it was hard to choose.'
Jo Violet, Hatfield, UK

'Thanks to the library of material on this website I was able to make a speech very specific to my circumstances. I found the templates to be an excellent guideline. I don't know what I would have done without them.'
Sally Turner, Newmarket, UK

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