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As the bride, you have the choice to say pretty much what you like and when you like. If your father is not present, you may want to speak first. Or you may prefer to speak after, or before, your husband, or even after the best man, as the last speaker. A bride's speech can be a great way to mop up any forgotten thank you's, say some nice things about your parents, compliment your new spouse and offer some thoughts about the step you're taking. Before you start to compose your speech, it's worth taking note of the following guidelines:
Speech Bullet Try to cover everything you need to say in less than one thousand words or eight minutes.
Speech Bullet Your speech should convey thanks and affection, but inject a little humour where you can. You don't need to be a stand-up comedian, but you must allow the funny side of your personality to shine through.
Speech Bullet Avoid repetition with your husband and address different themes (the other's family, for instance).
Speech Bullet Stamp your personality on the speech with some words from the heart (pay tribute to your parents, express your regard for your husband, convey your thoughts on the future, for instance).
Speech Bullet Favour short witty anecdotes over long sentimental stories.
Speech Bullet Get the first few lines of your speech clearly fixed in your mind. Then, if it will put you at ease, read from notes, but try to look at the audience whenever possible.
Speech Bullet Speak loudly and don't rush through it. Pause to allow your audience time to react to what you've said.
See our bride speech templates and example bride speeches for ideas on how to organise your wedding speech.
Classic Lines
"I was never really aware of how much blood, sweat and tears went into arranging a wedding. Hours of discussion, debate and disagreement ... and finally, he asked me to marry him."
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Our 50+ ready-to-go bride speeches will entertain an audience and provide lasting memories. Every one is different, humorous, lively, moving, and can be easily molded to suit your needs!
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Find the right words to express your feelings, show affection, say thanks and give all those gathered an opportunity to learn something new.
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