Second time as father of the bride

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  1. As about half of you will know, this is my second father-of-the-bride speech in less than a year. To misquote Oscar Wilde from ĎThe Importance of Being Ernestí - to lose one daughter may be considered unlucky. To lose two is careless! Well, I guess thatís OK, because my being careless is how they came to be here in the first place.

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  2. This is the second time Iíve had to give a father of the bride speech, and barring an extremely strange set of circumstances Iíve a feeling itíll be the last, unless my son Tom goes the way of Caitlin Jenner. And if he did Iíd be very disappointed, not because heíd be changing into a woman of course, itís just I donít think my finances could take another wedding.

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