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father of the bride speech
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Opening line / second time as father of the bride
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1 Ladies and Gentlemen - You will all be pleased to learn that my speech will be every bit as good as the last wedding speech I gave. In fact, my side of the family will probably remember great chunks of it! Not really, although I am following exactly the same format. This means it will probably start off badly, sag in the middle with long silences, and then trail off into a lot of incoherent rambling.
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2 As about half of you will know, this is my second father-of-the-bride speech in less than a year. To misquote Oscar Wilde from ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’ - to lose one daughter may be considered unlucky. To lose two is careless! Well, I guess that’s OK, because my being careless is how they came to be here in the first place.
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