About our father of the bride speech content

Our wedding speech material is generated by a team of professional writers, and supplemented by content sourced from real-life father of the bride speeches. Every month we review hundreds of new speeches, so when an absolute pearler comes in we cream off the good stuff and add it to our database. After years of doing this we have covered almost every conceivable category related to wedding speeches, even half-human half-cow robot love, and this is how we maintain a comprehensive and fresh selection of excerpts for you to work with. If some chap in Peterborough came out with an absolute peach of a line on wedding nights being like the Titanic (I'll let you make your own jokes), then we'll have it down, sharpened and waiting for you.

Have a look at our checklist below, and if any of these points apply to you then you need to sign up to our Father of the Bride speech writing site right now!

  • Everyone knows you as a jack-the-lad type, but really you're just winging it most of the time. Being funny in a formal speech is a lot different to making people laugh off the cuff.
  • This is the first speech you've ever had to give, and you want it to be memorable for the right reasons.
  • Every time you crack a joke in the pub your drunk mates laugh, but every other normal person thinks you're a plonker.
  • You're stuck for the right words to express your thoughts and feelings, often resorting to crayon drawings when communicating with loved ones.
  • The bride's father is dead, in prison or asleep, and you have to step in for him.
  • You're great at jokes but terrible at having actual human feelings, or vice versa.
  • You want to make people laugh, but you're about as funny as a puddle of cat tears on a wet Tuesday morning.
  • You aren't really sure what counts as acceptable or offensive humour these days.

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