Father of the Bride jokes for weddings in October

The best thing you can do to keep any speech relevant and fresh is to have a few topical jokes thrown in to the mix. These should all be related to the day and occasion though; this isn't your audition for Have I Got News For You. Whether it's a public holiday, a chunk of tawdry celebrity gossip or a football team getting an absolute leathering; reference it if it fits the bill. Our selection of topical father of the bride speech jokes gets an update more often than a Windows operating system. See, topical right? Kinda.

Displaying 7 topical father of the bride speech jokes

  1. For weddings October 3

    (Groom), were you aware you’re sharing your wedding day with the 120th anniversary of the invention of the vacuum cleaner? And with any luck by this time next year, (Bride) will have taught you how to use one.

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  2. For weddings October 15

    On the day of this happy union, I can’t help thinking that thirty years ago the Hurricane of 1987 struck leaving me entirely powerless and unable to leave my home without the risk of getting battered. (Groom), you’ll soon be able to relate to that feeling ... you’re married now.

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  3. For weddings October 29

    (Bride) and (Groom) have been looking forward to married life so much they decided to hold the wedding the last Sunday in October. As the clocks go back today, they'll get an extra hour of wedded bliss.

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  4. For weddings October 29

    By marrying my daughter today, (Groom) has finally said goodbye to single life. As the clocks went back yesterday, he's had an hour more as a bachelor than he should have had...

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  5. For weddings October 29

    On this day in 1929, the Wall Street Crash hit, signalling the start of the Great Depression. (Bride) and (Groom), I know that today both of you couldn’t be feeling any further from depression. Although I have been advised it’s best you don’t check your bank balance until after the honeymoon. We don’t want anyone leaping out of hotel windows.

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  6. For weddings October 31 - November 3

    (Bride), on this very special Halloween, you were bewitching, enchanting, utterly spellbinding. (Groom), you rose to the occasion too. Throughout the whole ceremony you looked terrified.

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  7. For weddings October 31 - November

    I was slightly spooked when handed the bill for champagne earlier on, and it read exactly £666. Imagine my horror when the waiter informed me it was upside down.

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