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father of the bride speech
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Affectionate words about the bride
say how beautiful she looks
say how proud you are
praise her and talk of her attributes
describe the special relationship your have with your daughter
talk of the happiness you've experienced in raising her
comical recollections & light-hearted fun
provide an amusing insight into her pre-wedding years
let her know what she's getting herself in to
express your love for her
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Affectionate words about the bride / describe the special relationship your have with your daughter
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1 I often feel that Linda was more of a positive influence on me than vice versa. As she blossomed into a full-fledged teenager, she was introducing me to the outside world. That wasn’t the world that I lived in. I wrongly believed that I was au fait with modern society, but I didn’t know the half of it – which was lucky for Linda otherwise I’d never have let her out.
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2 I guess you could say that Linda and I are as close as any father and daughter could be, but now that Paul has stepped into her life, well … we will always be close, but now I have another person to be close to.
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