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the world's largest collection of groom speech material

Packed with model speeches, templates, witty one-liners, thoughts and ideas to help you craft an unforgettable groom speech.
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Speech Content - Browse the subject categories below for up-to-the-minute, rip-roaring material for your groom speech
Opening lines
humorous icebreaker
conservative opening
nervous about the speech
date hook
if you paid for the wedding

Offering thanks
to the bride's father for his kind remarks & toast
to the bride's father for giving his daughter away
to the parents for laying on the reception
to the guests for attending
to the guests for their generous gifts
to the motherís for their assistance
to the minister
to the ushers
to the bridesmaids
to anyone else who has helped

Observations about the wedding
what a wonderful occasion it's been
the happiness today brings you
events leading up to the big day

The bride
comment on how beautiful she looks
tell everyone how wonderful she is
say how happy and fortunate you are
express your love for her
provide an amusing insight into your bride
Your romance and relationship
explain how you met & your first impressions
describe how the romance developed
describe the effect you've had on each other
say why you think you are so well suited
provide an amusing insight into your relationship

The in-laws
did you ask them for permission?
thank them for their kindness and support
reassure them you will look after their daughter
convey your positive feelings towards them
express your luck in joining their family

Your parents
say something affectionate about them
thank them for your upbringing and their support

Best man
acknowledge his services
comment on your friendship
express your regard for him
take a pre-emptive strike
two best men
Closing lines and toasts
pay a tribute to your friends
say how happy you will be together
convey your thoughts on being married
comment about the nature of love and marriage
propose a toast to the bridesmaids
propose a toast to the parents
propose a toast to your wife
disco to follow?
hand over to best man
other final words

Special circumstances
honouring a deceased relative
or absent friends

been together a long time
second marriage

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Through writing competitions, wedding suppliers and our network of publishing partners we have a continuous source of wedding speeches from which we can draw content from. New one-liners and ideas are appended to the appropriate speech topic allowing you to locate material on every possible aspect of the groom speech.
Classic Lines
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I have been told that this is usually one of the only times in a married man's life when he can be in the company of his wife and mother in-law and not be interrupted Ö I may be here sometime."
Example Speeches
Designed to inspire, our Groom Speech material includes over 50 model speeches that actively encourage your own ideas to flow. Several styles are included covering a wide range of scenarios.
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Speech Templates
Our templates will help you shape your thoughts and ideas into an organized and seamless groom speech.
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"The most nerve-racking part of the wedding day for the groom is his speech. You can find examples and tips on how to make yours more personal at"
The Sunday Times: 1 May 2013
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