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  1. I've never thought of Paul as the type to go in for all that lovie-dovie romantic stuff, and I'm sure all his friends and work colleagues here today would describe him as a bit of a geezer - a man's man. Well, I was surprised, surprised to learn that Paul has a habit of leaving things around the house for Linda to find. No, not dirty socks or empty beer cans, but ‘I love you’ notes. In fact, it's a habit that has spread beyond the house and to the car when, one frosty morning last winter, he scraped in the ice on Linda's car windscreen, ‘I love you,’ so that she would find it in the morning on the way to work. Isn't that cute? But the one that really choked me up, the one that really made me blink back the tears, was the time that Linda found the words ‘I love you’ written on the last sheet of toilet paper in the bathroom. Now Paul, that's a trick that's really best done with a Rolo … as demonstrated by what Linda apparently did with that sheet of paper once she'd read it.

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  2. Paul recently informed me of Linda’s obsession with tidiness. If he gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, by the time he gets back the bed’s been made. Yes, we brought her up well.

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