Long engagement

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  1. I want to start by apologising for Paul and Linda being late. It's taken them more than eight years to get here today! Their 'lightning' romance puts me in mind of the story about the couple who were engaged for thirty years. Eventually the wife-to-be laid on a nice candle-lit dinner for her intended - with champagne, the works - and whispered romantically ‘Isn't it time we thought about getting married?’ ‘Good heavens,’ he replied, ‘who would have us now?’

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  2. When Paul and Linda announced their engagement, I regret to say that a number of people expressed their concern as to whether they were doing the right thing. The general feeling was, having only got together fifteen and a half years ago, they might just be rushing into things. On the other hand, many family members expressed their surprise when they received their wedding invitations. It seems that many thought that they were already married, and they merely couldn’t remember the details of the wedding day.

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