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  1. Whilst on the internet seeking my own inspiration for this speech, I did come across a web site that told me the meaning of names, so I wondered, what does ‘Paul’ really mean? I was hoping it would turn up something that would make you all laugh, but, alas, no. ‘Paul’, in fact, means, ‘Crown’. Then I typed in ‘Linda’, so see what treasures would turn up. ‘The Beauty’, perhaps, or ‘the jewel’? Well, I’m sorry but it doesn’t mean any of those lovely things. ‘Linda’ means ‘Victorious’ – so the next few decades are going to be tough for my son in-law.

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  2. While doing my research, I looked up the meaning of Paul’s name and discovered, and I'm not surprised by this, that Paul is actually a derivation of the Italian name Paulo, meaning ‘Successful Commander’ or ‘Winner of Arguments’. From this, we can easily deduce that Linda must mean; 'No Paul, you're wrong'.

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