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Our top-notch wedding speech material comes from a variety of sources, enabling us to cream off the good stuff and pass it on directly to you. Our writers come from a variety of professional literary backgrounds, and as such have sharpened our speeches to a very high standard. We also have long established contacts with the wedding trade (wedding planners, wedding venues, wedding photographers and so on) and through this association we see fresh wedding speeches on a daily basis. If some bloke in Chesterfield came up with a clever way to insult a Vicar, we'll have it. If there's a funny way of thanking the bridesmaids that makes the old folk wet themselves, we've found it and improved it.

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  • You have a vague idea of what you want to say, but don't know how to say it.
  • When it comes to public speaking, you have as much confidence as Man United's defence.
  • There are loads of people to thank but you don't want to bore people to death like an Oscar winner.
  • You need some killer lines to engage your audience.
  • There are kids present and you need some filthy innuendos they won't understand.
  • Whenever you tell stories, people tend to shoot themselves out of boredom.
  • Your bride has baggage and you want to handle it amusingly without being castrated.
  • You didn't realise the groom makes a speech.

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