Latest Features On Groom Speeches

Speech Tips for a Groom, Occupation Humour

How to draw a link between the bride and her father to instantly endear yourself to the audience

August 2018

Relationship Wisecracks

What were you like before the wedding? How did your relationship work before you realised you liked it and put a ring on it?

May 2018

The Last Night of Freedom

Recollecting the events of the night before for comedic purposes

March 2018

Prince Harry - Best Man Speech

A satirical take on the speeches at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding

February 2018

Apologies From Non-Attendees

There are various reasons why someone might not be able to attend a wedding, if there's some admin to be done, do it with a smile on your face and jest in your heart

December 2017

After The Fairytale… The Laughs!

If you've got a speech to give as the groom or the father of the bride, a little humour goes a long way

November 2017

A Pint of Beer to Unlock Writer's Block

See how one pint of beer boosts creativity and can help to rewire your brain if you're stuck for material

October 2017

Wedding Speech Material for Short & Long Engagements

Speech tips and templates you can use when the newlyweds have taken their sweet time or jumped the gun

August 2017

How To Thank The Bridesmaids Without Looking Like a Pervert

Acknowledging how lovely the bridesmaids look is an obligation, but this brief dispensing of praise can often be harder than it looks

July 2017

Wedding Speech Solutions for a Reluctant Public Speaker

For some people, the thought of being the centre of attention brings them out in a cold sweat

April 2017

Bad Dress Sense in a Wedding Speech

With the suits and dresses being such a big part of every wedding day, it seems remiss not to mention them in the speech

February 2017

Wedding Speech Boundaries

What are the rules for openly making fun of someone on their wedding day?

January 2017

Winter Wedding Speeches

Weaving in aspects of a winter wedding into a speech

December 2016

Sports for Comic Effect

Sports are one of the most common themes seen in many wedding speeches

November 2016

Wedding Presents for Comic Effect

Nothing demonstrates the value placed on marriage today like the necessary accompaniment of gift-wrapped tat

October 2016

Keep it in The Family

Referencing family members with a few well-timed one-liners

September 2016

A Celebrity-Inspired Speech

Gags can be generated by picking out traits of various celebrities and applying them to the newlyweds

August 2016

(Wedding) Breakfast of Champions

Topics or hobbies can be used to theme a wedding speech

July 2016

A Funny Thing Happened

No one ever said the best man has a monopoly on jokes

June 2016

It Must Be Love

Whether you like it or not shouting your love for each other on your wedding day is one of those things that's expected of you

May 2016

First Night Nerves

In a 2017 survey, 25% of people listed public speaking as their biggest fear

April 2016

Famous Last Words

The most common mistake that people make when a speech is going well is to drag things out

March 2016

Ready Set SPEECH!

Although your name was on the invites, you should start by introducing yourself

February 2016

It's Your Day Too

Every time you say 'I don't mind', your bride hears 'whatever'

January 2016