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The receipts

3 February 2014

Top marks go to this witty groom, who is one of our all time wedding speech favourites. Itís almost a pity that - fingers crossed - heíll only get to deliver a speech like this once! Some people might criticise his reliance on index cards, but with a speech thatís this sophisticated, personal, well-structured, and funny, itís very easy to forgive him for holding on to a little 3Ē X 5Ē safety blanket. His whole speech is great, but pay attention to this joke, as itís very easily adapted to the specifics of any marriage, yours included.


She knew what he meant

Tactics to beat nerves

Acknowledging your fate

Thanks dad

Respecting tradition

Taking a chance

Next up

Parents congratulated

The perfect son

Thanks for coming

Acknowledging your mother

Bride willing to learn

Thanks for the upbringing

Courageous start

For the record

Thanking the father

Fortunate incident

Rock of a bridesmaid

Equal partnership

Make the most of it

Staying in shape

The receipts

Marriage facts