Bride's mother

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  1. Standing here in front of all of you today, I feel incredibly old. To me, it was only yesterday that Linda was born, and I never thought that I’d ever be as happy as I was then, but I was wrong. Seeing my daughter look as radiant as she does on her wedding day makes me happier than I ever thought possible. I am so proud of everything that she has become. My only regret is that her father, Alan, cannot be with us. But this is not a day for regrets – it is a day for happiness and looking ahead.

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  2. As most of you will know, Linda and I have been on our own since she was a very small girl. I am sure she will agree we have had a good life together, not only as mother and daughter, but also as best friends. I even new Paul was the right man for her before she knew it herself, and I really am happy to find that, today, I not only have a super daughter – but I’ve got a super son-in-law too.

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