Friend of the family

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  1. First of all I must say how sorry I am that Alan cannot be here today to deliver a speech as Linda’s father. I know the whole family share my regret at that. I felt something of an impostor when I stood at the front of the church to give the bride away. There are two people who I imagine feel this regret far more keenly than any of us. One is Linda and the other is Alan himself. He would want us all to be happy today, so we owe it to him to make a good go of it.

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  2. I am very honoured to propose the toast to Paul and Linda. Much as I have to say, and much as I am enjoying myself, I just wish that it could be Linda’s father standing here now. He contributed so much and he would have been so proud of Linda. He would have done a good job with the toast too. But we all know that it cannot be. So you’ve got Linda’s Godfather, me, instead.

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