Father of the Bride jokes for weddings in November

The best thing you can do to keep any speech relevant and fresh is to have a few topical jokes thrown in to the mix. These should all be related to the day and occasion though; this isn't your audition for Have I Got News For You. Whether it's a public holiday, a chunk of tawdry celebrity gossip or a football team getting an absolute leathering; reference it if it fits the bill. Our selection of topical father of the bride speech jokes gets an update more often than a Windows operating system. See, topical right? Kinda.

Displaying 7 topical father of the bride speech jokes

  1. For weddings October 1 - November 30

    (Bride) and (Groom) are in the Spring of their relationship, although they're marrying in Autumn. Well, you've got it all before you - many wonderful happy seasons together, followed by the abundance and beauty of riper years. And the tendency for things to fall off here and there…

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  2. For weddings November 1-4

    We may be coming up to Bonfire Night, but with (Bride) and (Groom) so clearly in love, there won't be any fireworks on Wednesday. We'll just have to see about next year… and the year after that….

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  3. For weddings November 6-10

    Today's wedding was a bit like Bonfire Night in a way, as (Bride) has disposed of all the other ‘guys’ in her life by committing her future to her husband. (Groom) will have to behave himself from now on, or there'll be fireworks. And me… well I got burned when I found I had to pay for the reception….

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  4. For weddings November 4-6

    There are so many positive aspects to having a wedding in November. For example, earlier today I was sitting outside the church and some people wandered up, took one look at me in this suit and then threw me some money to buy fireworks.

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  5. For weddings November 21 - November 27

    It's Thanksgiving this week in North America, which made me think how much (Groom) and (Bride) have to be grateful for. Each is like a gift for the other; the only difference is that if they decide they're not happy, they can't send each other back for a refund.

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  6. For weddings November 21 - November 27

    It's Thanksgiving this week, when our North American cousins traditionally gather in family groups to eat, drink and give thanks for the good things in life. Well it's time for thanksgiving here, too. I'd like to thank everyone today for coming to the wedding, I thank my lovely wife for giving me a beautiful daughter in (Bride), and I thank the alterations department at Moss Bros for letting out the waist on this suit…

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  7. For weddings December 1

    It seems particularly ironic that (Groom) would get married on Advent Sunday as, like an advent calendar, (Groom)’s bachelor days are numbered.

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