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father of the bride speech
Father Speech Notes
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the world's largest collection of father of the bride speech material

An extensive compilation of sample sentences, amusing one-liners and model speeches that will help make your father of the bride speech engaging and effective.
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Speech Content - Browse the topics below for up-to-the-minute, crowd pleasing father of the bride speech content
Opening lines
humorous icebreaker
conservative opening
nervous about the speech
date hook
second time as father of the bride

Offering thanks
to everyone for coming
to those that have contributed to the cost
to anyone involved in the planning & organisation

Observations about the wedding
what a wonderful occasion it's been
tell a story about events leading up to the big day
traditional outfits
church service
how happy the bride and groom look

Commenting on your role
as father of the bride

preparing the speech
your duties and responsibilities
giving your daughter away
the pleasure today brings you

Affectionate words about the bride
say how beautiful she looks
say how proud you are
praise her and talk of her attributes
describe your special relationship
the happiness you've experienced in raising her
light-heartedly poke fun at her
an amusing insight into her pre-wedding years
let her know what she's getting herself in to
express your love for her

Tongue-in-cheek reminiscences

Moments from her past


Bride's best quality

Bride's career choice

Happy couple's romance and relationship
how they met and the start of the romance
how you could tell your daughter was in love
why they are so well suited
amusing episode involving their relationship
your first encounter with the bridegroom
your reaction to their engagement

Affectionate words about the groom
welcome him into your family and express your positive feelings about him
praise him and talk of his attributes
light-heartedly poke fun at him
let him know what he's getting himself in to
your happiness in getting to know his family

Words of wisdom
amusing thoughts about love and marriage
sincere thoughts about love and marriage
advice to the bride and groom
your personal experience of marriage

Happy couple's future
express your confidence in their relationship
wish the newly weds success and happiness
the bride's aspirations for married life
Closing lines and toasts
honeymoon planned
disco to follow
Irish blessing

Substituting for bride's father
bride's mother
bride's brother
family relation
friend of the family
son of the bride

Addressing special issues
absent friends
honouring a deceased relative
second marriage
older couple
short engagement
long engagement
wedding previously postponed
small/intimate wedding
mixed race marriage

Speech hooks
prop gags
name & horoscope hook

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e.g. 'teacher'
Our content is created by professional script writers or derived from real-life father of the bride speeches. You won't find a more up-to-date or comprehensive collection of father of the Bride speech material anywhere in the world.
Lines for this Week
"Preparing for this event has been a massive learning curve for (Groom). One of the first things he had to try and get his head around was the fact that a Spring Wedding Fair doesn't have dodgems and a waltzer."
Classic Lines
"It's not uncommon for the father of the bride to be rather daunted by the duties he has to perform on his daughter's wedding day. But you know, I've felt pretty relaxed. Why? Because my wife's so organised I knew she'd sort everything: arrange for a car to take us to the church - which she did; collect my suit from the hire shop - which she did; and of course, my speech. So come on, Dear - can I have it now, please?"
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Example Speeches
Our Father of the Bride material includes over 80 complete sample father of the bride speeches covering every imaginable bride, happy couple and wedding occasion. Any of them can be easily adapted to particular circumstances or delivered as they stand.
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Speech Templates
Use our father of the bride speech templates to help you tie your material together in a fun and entertaining way.
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